Educational Wine Tour

Manor house Cellar

Educational Wine Tour

Unique! You will not just taste South African wine you will learn how it is made.

We start in the vineyard. Where else?

Terroir – Root Stock – Trellising – Cultivars – Harvesting.

Then, off to the cellar, where the destalking, crushing, fermentation, filtration, stabilising and aging takes place. Don’t forget wood! YOU will learn about wood aging and the ancient art of cooperage.

Finally… the bit you have been waiting for… tasting… dry to sweet… white, rose, red and finally… Champagne (don’t tell the French). We call it Methode Cap Classique. Do you know the difference between Champagne style and Sparkling Wine? Well you will now.

How many cellars will we visit? Well that’s really up to YOU and time permitting. You might even get to blend your own wine! How about a brandy experience?

Please contact me for more details and the cost.


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