The Crystal Skull

CrystalAccording to the lost Mayan civilization of South America our present world will end on the 20/12/2012 The native tribes of both North and South America talk of the 13 crystal skulls brought to the continent at the beginning of time by the founders of civilization.A pure quartz crystal skull surfaces in Belize. It is transported to the British Museum in London for analysis.Suddenly, alarm bells are sounded throughout the religious world. Is this the skull, which will unlock the true origin of mankind, or is it simply another hoax? Can the skull be a depository of Mayan knowledge given to us by a past civilization, or even an ingenious form of communication, and if so to whom?

This riveting thriller transports the reader from the ancient world of Mesoamerican civilizations to the inner-secrets of the Vatican and the Muslim Brotherhood who are intent on capturing it. Will the skull confirm the existence of God, or will it finally prove we are not alone in the universe? Entombed with its creator for almost two hundred years – together with the secret formula of how Antonio Stradivari created his ultimate masterpiece, the violin is discovered – only to be lost, until it surfaces in Nazi occupied Europe, where it must be hidden from the Nazis.

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