The Devil’s Fragrance


DevilThe Devil’s fragrance is a thriller encapsulating the cutthroat world of international perfumery. A fragrance has been created – or perhaps rediscovered, so seductive, possessing such potent aphrodisiac properties that one sniff reduces the opposite sex to a quivering individual craving sexual satisfaction, Cleopatra, The Marquis de Sade, Casanova are all alleged to have made use of such a substance.

A top London fashion model claims she was raped by an insignificant unattractive middle-aged man. He says he merely seduced her. Two young Frenchmen embark on a voyage of carnal discovery aided by a seductive fragrance.

Rumours abound. Questions are asked. Lives are radically changed. A leading French perfumery becomes involved in the puzzle to recreate the ultimate fragrance. A Japanese industrialist, an ex-East German spy, a high-ranking member of the French gay community are all embroiled in a no-holes-barred-fight to recreate a lost formula.

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Published by Eloquent Books, New York

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