The Lost Stradivarius

LostEntombed with its creator for almost two hundred years – together with the secret formula of how Antonio Stradivari created his ultimate masterpiece, the violin is discovered – only to be lost, until it surfaces in Nazi occupied Europe, where it must be hidden from the Nazis. Bad luck has befallen everyone who has possessed it and a quirk of fate pits a young British violin virtuoso into the desperate search to recover the lost Francisca-Antonia – the Holy Grail of stringed instruments.

This intoxicating thriller weaves effortlessly between countries from beginning to end encompassing the world of classical music, stolen art and historical fact. The reader is transported through the streets of modern-day Moscow to the hidden mysteries of Shanghai and Wuhan. The hunt leads to the old Jewish East End of London, where a secret code must be deciphered in order to reveal its abstruse location.

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