The Rhodes Diamond

RhodesA mysterious black-diamond, once the property of billionaire South African diamond magnate Cecil John Rhodes – enclosed in a priceless gold-crafted egg, created by Carl Fabergé, imperial jeweller to the Tsar of Russia is auctioned in London.

A descendent of the Polish Princess, Catherine Radziwell, suddenly emerges to claim the egg. Who was this mysterious Princess, and what was her involvement with Rhodes? Who is the rightful owner of this precious objets dart?

This page-turning thriller transports the reader across continents through modern-day London, the private banking-world of Zurich to an isolated South African farm.

A powerful Ukrainian Oligarch vies with an unscrupulous Chinese billionaire industrialist, against descendents of the holocaust in a desperate – no holds barred fight – to gain possession of the Rhodes Diamond Egg.

The Rhodes Diamond is a work of fiction but Cecil John Rhodes and the Princess Catherine Radziwell were very real people.

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