Experience a close encounter with THE GREAT WHITE SHARK, Carcharodon Carcharias, also known as the White Pointer, or White Death.This large lamniform shark patrols our FALSE BAY coast line, known to exceeded 6-metres (20ft) in length and weigh as much as 2,268kg (5,000lb) THE GREAT WHITE takes 15-years to reach maturity and can live for 30-years. At the top of the food chain yet an endangered and much understood fish.

To the bold and ambitious CAPEFUNTOURS can book an appointment for you to meet this mighty predator, under water or from the dryness of the deck. The choice is yours. No scuba experience is required and the licensed experienced operators we work with supply your very necessary wetsuit.

Depending upon the seasons there are two locations: SEAL ISLAND FALSE BAY, where you depart from SIMON’S TOWN or GANS BAAI a 3-hour drive from CAPE TOWN. After the SHARK dive we can visit a wine farm or two or perhaps a Micro-brewery, the choice is yours.

Contact Capefuntours to arrange your bespoke Great White Encounter.


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